Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

• Each week our menu gets updated with 5 adult dinners & 5 additional meals for you to choose from. You may choose all 5 to 10 dishes, also you may choose multiples of the same dish. You may skip a day/dish you do not like. 

• We do our best to include a variety of dishes each week including vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten free & vegan.

• We also have our staple dishes as well as our most requested dishes that always stay on the menu, such as our famous Mediterranean Turkey Burger, Chicken & Grain Bowl, Greek Salad & more.

• The deadline for placing an order is Tuesday by the end of day for subsequent Monday delivery.

Is there a subscription meal delivery service?

No, you can order whenever you like.

Do I need to order all the meals of the week?

No, however there is a 4 meals minimum order required

Do my meals get delivered hot or cold?

They get delivered cold, sealed & ready to reheat.

How often do I receive delivery?

    Once a week. Delivery is every Monday.

    When do I order?

    The weekly menu gets updated weekly, you may place your order by Tuesday at the latest for subsequent Monday delivery.

    What size are your meals?

    We do not have the typical take-out portions you’d expect from a restaurant. 

    Our meals are portioned just right based on USDA guidelines designed to meet one’s daily nutrient needs. 

    Will your meals help me lose weight?

    We do not claim our meals are designed to lose weight. However, our customers claim to have maintained a healthy weight while consuming our meals along with a exercise.

    What is a typical dinner?

    Each meal is consists of 3 items: A protein, a grain & a vegetable. 

    We also serve composed dinners (i.e. lasagna, pot pies, ect.)

    How do I reheat your meals?

    Our 100% recyclable food container are suitable for oven temperature up to 375 degrees, as well as microwavable.

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