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While packing 3 hot lunches 5 times a week her kids’ lunches were often complimented by many classmates & teachers.
With all the skills developed over the past 10 years working and loving food, Paci felt it was ‘thyme2’ provide some great food to her close community. She started cooking for close family, friends, neighbors, and whomever word of mouth would reach and thus Thyme2Eat was born!

Organic & Whole Foods

Everything we craft is made from seasonal, locally-sourced, organic when available & whole foods. We avoid pesticides, GMOs or processed ingredients.

Ethically Sourced 

Ingredients are responsibly sourced, never processed and never frozen. Our meals are made with in-season ingredients.

Fresh & Innovative

We let the amazing flavor of whole foods do the talking. Enjoy farm-fresh dishes packed with natural herbs and spices. Follow our recipes or have your meals made for you.

About Paçi

Paçi Ziu grew up in a small town in Albania located along the Adriatic & Ionnian seas, growing up with the best of two worlds, Mediterranean & Italian food, which made the cuisine she grew up with very eclectic and flavourful.
She and her family grew most of their, fruits, vegetables & herbs in their very own back yard, as well as raised many cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, & geese. Being raised in a house where mom freshly prepared 3 daily meals, she grew up to appreciate the value of having healthy dinners with family, how to utilize each and every food and minimize waste. This helped her a great deal to be very good at her job(s) here in the U.S. shortly after pursuing a Culinary Degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu in Cambridge, MA. She worked in several restaurants in and around the Boston area. Starting her culinary career at Tremont 647- South End Boston, followed by Ivy Restaurant-Downtown Boston, Arcadia Restaurant-Waltham, Regina’s Bakery- Dedham, Lasell Village-Newton, and Legal Sea Foods- Chestnut Hill.

Paçi now continues to serve her local community in the town of Dedham/Hyde Park and surrounding towns by preparing fresh & healthy weekly meals for busy families.

Weekly Menu

Custom menus created weekly for you to choose from. Easily select your meals and pay online, it’s that simple!

Take Home Meals

No time to do food shopping and/or cooking? Pick up the same meals, re-heat & serve without a fuss!

Kids’ Menu

Fun & healthy kids’ option.

Game Day

Want to enjoy the game with your family and friends and avoid all the commotion in the kitchen? Reserve your Game Day fixings in advance and enjoy the game!


Love food? Want to learn some basic kitchen skills, or even cook a special meal for a special occasion? Book a class today!

Custom Needs

Need something you don’t see here? Send us a message and we will work to accommodate special requests.

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